LoL Item sets generator by

Actual patch : 6.17.1

Download the best -generated- League of Legends recommended items.

The builds are generated every patch from Plat+ 5v5 ranked games (solo and team).

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(download as .zip file)

unique downloads since March 20th 2015.

The archive contains .json files. These files are used by the LoL client when showing the recommended builds in the game shop. No danger ;-)

How to import my item sets ?

On Windows : copy/paste the content of the "ItemSets" folder in this directory and merge the folders :

C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config\Champions

(download the .exe in a .zip file, run as admin !)

unique downloads since May 21th 2015.

Version 0.2.0 beta. GitHub repository
Submit issues here or here.

Mac application (version 0.4 beta, downloads)

Application preview

How does it looks like ?

You can see the item sets as recommended items in the game shop :

Item sets generator preview

Can I get banned if I use the application ?

NO, you will never be banned for using these custom item sets.
This program only downloads the sets and copies them to your League of Legends folder like a human would do. This project is open source : if you have doubts about it, you can check the source code on GitHub. This program will never modify your League of Legends installation : only the item sets.
Riot is totally OK with making your own item sets because they provided an item sets API doc.

Why LoL item sets generator instead of Championify ?

LoL item sets generator is faster (it downloads the generated sets, Championify generates the sets each time), lighter (~5Mo against ~102Mo) and auto updates the sets. One the other hand, Championify supports ARAM item sets.

Total amount of every downloads :

(including the downloads from the application)

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